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Keeping a tidy garden all year round!

Gardening can be messy work, and with so many factors combined against you (weeds, weather, dead foliage, etc.) it can be hard to keep your garden looking nice and tidy. We’ve provided some ideas to help you keep your garden looking in tip-top shape this season!

Looking for the quick tidy results:
Use: The best fake grass 15 minutes each day! Keeping halthy soilPruning and cleaning as you go!Daily work One reason our gardens can get so messy is that we don’t spend enough time tending to its needs. Or, rather, we don’t spend enough consistent time. It is better to spend a little time each day (even just 10 minutes) than a big chunk of time once a week or every other week. And besides, it is much easier to feel the motivation to work in the garden when you know you don’t have to spend a ton of time! Daily and consistent care will keep the garden looking its best -- and it will allow your garden to produce its best results.

Soil Healthy soil can really contribute to a clean and vibrant-loo…

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