Staying True When Exercising, Easy Tips And Tricks!

Like so many people your exercise routine wavers over the first few months. In this post, I am going to reveal some tips I keep on track when exercising and sticking to my fitness goals! But, remember sometimes it is important to take a break especially if it is affecting your "real life"!

I am not going to make this post all about me and my journey so I am going to list some basic but also effect tips to keeping you on the right track!

1. Previous Photographs

Yes, pictures of yourself when you first started your fitness routine. We all exercise for many different reasons. But, if you're looking to shed some weight, tone up or target a specific part of your body, then referring back to your original picture will give you enthusiasm an encouragement to continue with your routine!

You do not need to have this photo on display just keep it in your handbag, purse or safely in a pocket of your choosing! So, if you have been hitting the bikes, runners or track and field for a few months then this clever technique I learned from a special friend of mine works great!

2. Listen To Music

Music is a great motivator! Listening to your special tracks when working out releases feel-good endorphins your brain! So, if you feeling a bit sluggish or disheartened and not in the mood for undertaking your workout routine listen to your favorite tracks and you will find yourself wanting to exercise or even dance!

3. Get A Gym Partner

One thing I enjoy when training up with a friend or gym partner is they give your encouragement and that leads to enthusiasm when working out! It is a proven fact that when you workout with somebody then you are more likely going to exercise better and more frequently!

4. Try A Pre-Workout Drink

Having your favorite pre-workout drink handy is one that is sure to get you motivated and ready for a workout. But, remember do NOT use a sugary drink such a red bull because the calorie content is through the roof! Only use pre-workout drinks that have stimulants and sugar-free. 

I find a stimulant drink that's low or even sugar-free is just as effective to get you moving than a high sugar/calorie drink. I use red bull but the sugar-free version, also monster is also doing their own sugar-free version over the last year. Experiment and find the best suited to your body, if you're intolerant to stimulants then you should try red bull free!

Make A Contribution

Here at The Centre Fold Project, we are always looking for suggestions and advice from our readers. If you believe you have a better idea that could help our readers when it comes to getting moving and exercising the drop us a comment below and share your thoughts. Happy Exercising ;)


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