Tip 1: The Diet Wrecking Foods!

Some foods which are thought of as healthy low-calorie foods are actually diet wreckers. However, these deceiving foods can be fixed. The first on our list is the famous Caesar salad. A small bowl of this salad contains 300 to 400 calories along with 30 grams of fat because of the dressing.  You can make this dish healthy by using only one tablespoon of dressing and two tablespoons of parmesan cheese.

Fresh Smoothies

This so-called “healthy drink” can contain up to eighty grams of sugar and a total of 350 calories or even more. Plus, smoothies contain little protein and almost no fresh fruit.  Instead of fresh fruits, fruit concentrates are added to smoothies. Also, the sorbet, sweetener and ice cream additions to smoothies make it further calorie-laden.

In order to make this drink diet-friendly and healthy, order a small cup. Also ask for the addition of fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, protein powder or milk to get the intake of essential nutrients and protein.

Chicken Burrito

Chicken burritos are thought to be a healthy meal as they have health-friendly beans and white meat. But a chicken burrito contains approximately 1000 calories and contains lots of saturated fat from sour cream and cheese in it, along with the accompanying jumbo flour tortillas. Also, burritos can be large, as large as a forearm. This makes too big a serving.

In order to reduce the calorie intake, share your burrito. Also, you can try a different version which is a soft taco filled with meat that has been grilled fajita style. Along with that are vegetables placed on a corn tortilla.

Energy bars

Most energy bars are just enhanced candy bars containing as much as 500 calories in a single bar and having a higher price tag.  Since the energy bars are small, they do not satisfy hunger; thus, leading to high calorie intake for little or no benefit.

If you want to eat an energy bar, look at the nutrition label and choose one that contains 200 calories or even less. A good energy bar should also contain a minimum of 5 grams of protein and some fiber. The fiber aids in providing energy after the sugar rush wears off.

Light olive oil

Foods labeled “Light” are thought to be diet friendly, but they are not as friendly as you might think. One example is light olive oil. Light olive oil contains the same amount of calories and fat content as the other varieties of olive oil. What is light in it are its taste and color. 

To check if the label means what you think it does read and compare nutrition labels.


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