Healthy Eating Tips 2: Using Moderation To One’s Advantage

Many people fail to understand that being moderate in their eating habits can actually take them a long way. However, people often wonder what a moderate intake of food actually is. A liberal point of view suggests moderation varies from person to person.

When formulating a healthy eating plan, the main aim is to make sure that the diet keeps them healthy. Also, the plan should not help individuals lose weight just for a certain number of weeks or months; instead it should help in the development of an overall healthy lifestyle.

There is a need to comprehend that a balance is necessary for the consumption of minerals, vitamins, fibers, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Regardless of what many diet plans recommend, it is necessary to have a bit of every kind of nutrition to make sure that one is following the ‘healthy eating’ motto.

What is moderation, and what does it have to do with eating healthy?

Moderation does not mean eating less; rather it means laying off the unhealthy food items and making a move towards a more healthy diet. It does not mean that one deprives him/herself of the foods that are loved but to limit the consumption of these food items.

If one consumes 100 calories by treating him/herself to something he/she loves, moderation means deducting 100 calories from the meal that is to follow to strike a balance; or perhaps running the extra mile or two to make up for the excess consumption.

Refrain from labeling foods in the ‘off limits’ list:

It’s a natural human instinct to want what one cannot have. Similarly, if an individual deems a certain kind of food as off limits, natural instinct forces him/her to crave the food. This can lead to cheating in the midst of implementing a healthy lifestyle or going completely off track with the change that is to be made. Thus, nothing should be off limits. Instead, one needs to make smart decisions when eating and occasional cheat meals have actually proven to be beneficial for the body and recommended by many professionals.

Share and split

A viable option when going for cheat meals can be to share and split it; that is to divide the food and share it among peers. The option can help the individual treat him/herself and also reduce the loss caused.


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